The Bible

Many people like to the Bible as if it was reality. I have learned over my 40 years on this earth that this is a book of mythology. I have come to discover that when you interpret as mythological, it becomes a beautiful book that holds many truths.
To start I would like to ask 2 questions. When was the Bible written? And when was it when we discovered that when you divide on a molecular level, energy or life multiplies? Well for me to answer that question I would say that we learned energy multiplies when the atom was split. I am not sure what year exactly but that happened within the last 200 years (being very generous with that number). Now to answer the second question… I don’t know, I guess I should Google it but a guess would be at least a thousand years ago.
Now in Genesis the rib taken from Adam, life multiplied.
That kind of proves my point of it holding many truths if interpreted differently.
Also in the book of Genesis, the story of Noah and the ark. My interpretation: this is a story of your creation and existence. Noah’s ark is your spinal column. The flood is the cerebral spinal fluid. The animals, let’s pause for a second. How many animals did God command Noah to take? I do recommend you look it up. “By the sevens” is what it says, which in my interpretation is your chakra system.
I hope my interpretations inspire a new outlook on what type of information that this book holds. I feel like it holds information about your DNA (Jacobs latter), countless possibilities when interpreted as mythological instead of reality.


Political Thinking

Central America is where I was raised. I spent my childhood in the conservative Bible belt of the South, venturing out to explore all of  the lower 48 States over my adult years. During my journeys I learn many things about the different cultures within central America and know that “the banks” own everything yet this is a country divided. Divided between the Republican party and the Democratic party throughout the country. Me personally, I would choose an independent party but if I have to choose between the lesser of two evils, I would choose the Democratic party, simply because I have seen with my own eyes how both parties operate.
Now just for the record I do support Bernie Sanders. I truly feel like he is after the demon that corrupts the system, and trying to earn the title that central America holds as being the “United States of America “.
Now my opinion is that we can never truly be united unless every political seat was occupied by either the left or right and ” feeling the burn ” I am sure our children and grandchildren will also feel the burn, both Republican and Democratic alike, it’s just how this country is made.
OK that was my political thought, I don’t talk politics much but I haven’t posted in a while and I just want all my followers to know I am still here.



The artist website is up and running, with a lifetime of tweaks still to be worked out. I appreciate everyone that follows my photographic adventures capturing the wildlife (or lack thereof), with the curiosity of what will come next.

Filling that wall space with a canvas, print or even metal images has never been easier. Bring that perfect natural healing feel of nature in your home or office. The “images” page is in timeline order with the newest picture being the first picture. The “Galleries” page is where the images are somewhat organized into groups. The “shop” pages are generally organized with the oldest picture first. I invite you to stop by and browse my images, customize and personalize some greeting cards that would be perfect for any occasion, buy a tote bags and help the environment, saving plastic bag usage, and they look amazing. Sport your iPhone or Galaxy phone with cases customized to fit your phone, making it easy to carry nature with you everywhere you go. My throw pillows and duvet covers is mostly my floral images (I am still working on removing the images that make no sense on pillow or cover. I mean who wants an insect with a thousand legs on their bed?)  There will still be animals in these collections though. Please comment and share your favorite images as so I don’t take that photo from the collection, because not every image will survive. But most importantly, bring that treasured animal into your life. Wildlife and nature is healing.

Visit My Massage Website  to see if I am available for massage bodywork in your area.



Blogging can be a difficult task while traveling, but I am trying to get better at the situation. Traveling across the country visiting the Grand Canyon National Park, capturing views from Navajo Point and Desert View. As I was wanting to do some hiking, the time that I arrived there was rain storms in the area. Flash floods are a major concern while hiking in the Grand Canyon especially during monsoon season, so I take heed in that decision.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park was a unique mountain experience. As there are no entrance fees into the park, you have to find one of the 4 visitor centers to make a donation to the park and obtain park maps. Beautiful mountain laurel and other plants blooming along the Appalachians. I did not get to see any bears which made me sad. The squirrels, and insects was a nice photo moment.

I now find myself near the Everglades National Park and getting great reptile and tropical bird photos. With all the flowers being in bloom, my throw pillow and tote bag collection is looking better than ever.

Death Valley

 Death Valley National Park



Winter is still crossing the country, the perfect time to visit this treacherous terrain. I arrive in mid March at Furnace Creek where the temperature was at 92° at sunset and 62° at sunrise. This is at 190 feet below sea level. (which made me wonder if it was high tide or low tide) As the daytime highs nears 100° experiencing summer in this desert valley can be a treat, knowing the rest of the country is bundle up weather.

I first take Falls Canyon trail which is in the northeast part of the park. This trail is a slight inclined hike of about 4 miles up a drainage channel from Titus Canyon. Here I saw a desert holly in bloom for the first time. While there are many wildflowers in bloom along the entire park, they will be gone soon. As they will not be able to survive the high temperatures for long.

Mesquite Sand Dunes

Mesquite Sand Dunes

The Mesquite Sand Dunes is another stop on my places to venture while in this desert valley. Here I see a blister beetle enduring the sandy conditions. I understand he secretes an oil that will cause the skin to blister so no handling this insect.

As I was originally planning on spending 3 more nights camping in this national park, wind gave my tent a beating while camping in the Wildrose campground and came out with a broken leg. Therefore I was in need to get back into civilization to re-supply. So in Las Vegas for a week before venturing up into Yosemite, where the winter conditions will still be in existence. So there is no escaping the winter.

Grabbing Life by the Horns

A drifter is what life has had in plan for me since I was born. 2015 is the year that I am embracing the drift. With many people asking “where” I will be and “when” I thought I would actually try to plan out my next trip across the country. This time touring more of the National Park system.  I am posting this schedule that if any of you (the reader) has been to any of these National Parks and recommend any specific trails that are a “must see”. Also if any of you (the reader) was in the area and wanted a hiking partner for the day I would enjoy the company. As recovery from the hip injury that happened last year, (which is going well) this is part of my therapy. While staying in Las Vegas, Nevada and San Luis Obispo, California I will be available to provide therapy to any of you that are in need of some recovery.

These dates are subject to change please contact me if you would like to plan an adventure.

March 13-18 ………Death Valley
March 19-30……….Las Vegas, Nevada
March 30-April 5 ..Yosemite
April 5-6…………….Kings Canyon
April 6-10 …………..Sequoia
April 11-13 …………Channel Island
April 14-22 …………San Luis Obispo, California
April 22-30 …………Las Vegas, Nevada
April 30-May 7 …..Grand Canyon
May 7-9 ……………..Petrified Forest
May 9-11 …………….Carlsbad Caverns

Then it will be the jump across the continental divide, towards Alabama. I will work on the east coast National Park schedule and get that posted as soon as I can. I look forward to seeing you on the trails or on the massage table.


In going into 2015 I find myself going from self-employed to unemployed practically overnight, having many sleepless nights I have turned to my photography hobby. Creating a new website that has been absorbing most of my time. In hopes that my photography will touch one of you and bring the natural healing nature of the outdoors into your home by canvas, print, phone cases, throw pillows, even acrylic and metal can be used as a medium. Starting the website with my 2014 Collection in 3 different Galleries, a Wildlife Gallery, Landscape Gallery, and a Birds Gallery. The galleries are still growing, and In the process of building a 2015 Collection that will be just as diverse. The images are marked at sale prices until the image reaches one year old, then the print prices do go to standard rate, so act quickly on your favorite photos. Word of mouth has always been one the strongest forms of advertising so I ask please, that you share your favorite photos, comment on any of photos, my goal is to expand my work into this never sleeping world and bring the beauty of that into your home. Click here to view my 2014 Collection