First Creek


Photography by Carl Moore

Location: Red Rock Conservation Area
Distance: 1.5 miles (one way)
Difficulty: Easy
Water Availability: seasonal

Getting there: Red Rock Canyon is west of Las Vegas, so recommended directions would be to take the Bruce Woodbury Beltway (215) west. Exit on Charleston Ave and continue west on Charleston Ave. One of the best features of this hike is that it is not located on the scenic loop drive so there is no fee to access this hike. When you get to the scenic loop drive, continue forward 4 miles. Just as you pass the Oak Creek sign, First Creek will be the next stop on your right.

The Hike: This hike starts off crossing a creek bed that flows seasonally. Crossing over open desert the vegetation shows how to survive these harsh environments, these plants are tough so I would not recommend playing with them, they will bite back. You will see cacti, joshua trees, and many other desert plant life.
You may see some burros grazing in the distance, or right around the corner. Birds seeking refuge in the spurs of cacti, rabbits are quick to hop away, so you better have a high shutter speed if you want them on camera.
This is a well marked trail but as you near the canyon you will see the trail start to split off many times. As you get to this point you want to veer to the right, the seasonal falls is 1.5 miles in and once you veer to the right you should be right on top of the falls looking down. Getting to the bottom of the falls is a little more challenging, but nothing a little bit of bouldering can handle. From this point you can venture further back west toward the canyon walls, where I have found Bighorns gracefully climbing the cliffs above. Just be aware that proceeding further than the falls changes the trail from easy to a moderate. I have followed two different trails further back only about a half a mile. The creek bed in one trail I followed, there is also a high trail, if you continue forward and never veer right, you will be on the high trail. When you feel you are done hiking just turn around and go back the way you came in. Trash, food, or any waste you pack it in, you pack it out. Rule of thumb, if you see any trash, please be more considerate than the one who left it and pack that out as well. Thanks.

Photography by Carl Moore



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