The desire to be in the backcountry of our land comes from a “sixth sense” so to speak. Nerves jump at the thought of being on a mountain top, or sitting next to a creek bed.

For the past couple of days I have been making a few visits to the chiropractor’s office. The chiropractor will make me feel better in the long run, I am sure of it, but on the day after the first visit ….. I have been miserable all day. My only escape was to imagine I was out in the wild, taking deep breathes of clean air, capturing views that can not be seen in the city. Its this desire is what makes the explorer continue forward when trapped in the city. Remembering the relaxing times walking through the wilderness, hearing the wind rustle through the trees. I seem to transport my soul there becoming one with the universe. Then my eyes open and I realize that I am still in urbanized living. Man has built walls around us, and some of us like to be caged in, but for others, we need to let the animal in us out and go as far as our bodies will take us.

The moment of discovery; My first night hike was one of the most treasured exploratory moments I have ever witnessed in my life. While living in Yellowstone National Park I start a hike on Mt. Washburn at two o’clock in the morning. The hike starts right at where the tree line ends and continues three miles up to the peak. This is during a new moon so there was no light other than the head lamp I was wearing. The hike is very easy to follow, its a road all the way to the peak where there is a ranger station, the road is closed for vehicle travel (official use only). Under total darkness, not being able to see anything farther than a few feet away, I make it to the peak. Its still a couple of hours before sunrise so I wait, jogging in circles to keep the body temperature up. Then as the day breaks, I am on top of the world looking down on other mountain tops, seeing valleys appear in the horizon … 360 degree views of what seems like the first sunrise of the making of the world.  This was a moment of peace and serenity, there is no noise of a bus riding by, or an airplane about  to land, nothing can ruin this moment. Then my cell phone rings, I first thought of turning this piece of technology off, then I realized I should actually call and share this moment with everyone that I cared for.

Photography by Carl Moore

From that moment I felt it was my calling to bring the outdoors to you. So please leave comments and reviews, I desire feedback.


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