Climbing in Red Rock

With more than 2,000 climbing routes, Red Rock canyon National conservation Area is one of the top 5 climbing destinations in the United States.

Photography by Carl Moore

Climbers from all over the world are drawn by the number and wide variety of routes that are found here. Routes range from short boulder problems to big wall climbs that take two or more days to complete. Multiple pitch routes may have a variety of climbs on each pitch of the route, such as chimneys, friction, overhangs, cracks or face climbing. Route names are as varied as the climbs and include Crimson Chrysalis, Epinephrine, Ginger Cracks, Olive Oil and Levitation 29.

The sandstone becomes very brittle when it rains (or is damp from snow) and should not be climbed for at least 24 hours. By allowing the sandstone to dry out, you will avoid breaking hand and foot holds, and you will not have to worry about gear pulling out during a fall. If you find yourself waiting for the sandstone to dry, you can climb limestone sport crags in Red Rock Canyon or in other areas around Las Vegas.

There are two wilderness areas in Red Rock: Rainbow Mountain Wilderness and La Madre Mountain Wilderness. All of the major canyons in Red Rock are in the Rainbow Mountain Wilderness and all the climbing routes on White Rock Mountain are within the La Madre Mountain Wilderness. New bolted fixed anchors and/or protection bolts cannot be installed in either wilderness area.

Photography by Carl Moore

Climbing Permits

  • Late Exit permits (LE) give an extra three hours of climbing time after the normal closure of the Scenic Drive. These permits are available for the following areas: Angel Food Wall, Ice Box Canyon, Juniper Canyon, Pine Creek Canyon and Oak Creek Canyon. Late exit permits are not issued for sport climbing areas including Calico I, Calico II, Sandstone Quarry and Willow Springs.
  • Overnight permits (ON) are only available for routes on the following walls: Mt. Wilson (1-2 nights), Levitation Wall (1 night), Rainbow Wall (1-2 nights), Buffalo Wall (1-3 nights) and Bridge Mountain (1 night). Camping is not permitted the base of any route.

To get a permit, call 702-515-5050

You may call up to seven days in advance or as late as the day of your climb. If you call the day of your climb, use a land line. If your message is not clear or is missing information, you will not receive a permit and you may receive a citation. Permits are not issued after 4:30 pm To receive a permit, the following information must be included in your message:

  • Name and Address
  • Type of permit, LE or ON and climbing date(s)
  • Vehicle Plate number and state
  • Vehicle description
  • Climbing destination and where you will park
  • Emergency contact name and phone number

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