Photo by Carl Moore

Sorry guys I haven’t been hiking much lately, school has been consuming so much of my time. Yet graduation is just a few weeks away! Then I can be your massage therapist, putting several modalities learned into use. For now I go back in time and think of some amazing hikes I have done and this photo I picked signifies to me a hunger, this wild creature taking chances of getting close to us humans in hopes that we will give him some trail mix. At that time I was probably having a hunger for a massage … ironic I know, but I choose to eat the trail mix in front of him. As much as I love the wild animals i will not feed them, just because they become dependent on us. I captured this photo while hiking around Jenny Lake within the Grand Teton National Park, Inspiration Point is the exact location. I loved this trail, passing by Hidden Falls, and the walk around the lake to get there was always an inspiration.

Upon graduation and licensing I one day plan to have a campground/spa or a bed and breakfast/spa … Outside a national park catering to us outdoor, granola, crunchy types.  It’s a vision that may materialize at a national park near you. Please leave suggestions on the location you think is best.


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