First Creek

With the seasonal waterfall that the  desert has been patiently waiting for arrives, the canyons fill with water. Hiking first creek is a one and a half mile hike through open desert terrain (so remember the sunscreen). Wild burro’s frequent the area, today I see a baby burro with his mother, a great way to start this easy trail, seeing wild animals pass before you. As soon as the hike begins the desert floor seems to come alive, gently wandering through the brush you see long ears from jackrabbits pouncing on the ground beneath them. The little ground squirrels are fast critters that you usually see in the distance, they are camera-shy. So yeah hiking one and a half miles through open desert in over hundred degree weather … most would say I am crazy, I say hike smart, stay hydrated because at the end of this exciting journey is a watering hole that only comes out at certain times of the year. With flash flood warnings in the area, I am sure there is water here today. Here in the midst of summer in the desert this channel is being fed by rain water, meaning the water temperature is much warmer than the snow melt in the early months of the year (which is usually when the waterfall is here) As you approach the falls you can hear the water roaring over the rocks, all doubt of any water flowing has just been resolved and I scurry to bottom as quickly as possible, jumping into the perfect temperature of about 68 degree water. A nice cool oasis in the middle of desert, with red dragonflies gliding around, I notice a blue damselflies as well.

After a nice cool dip (where I could spend all day) I venture a little further up the creek into the canyon walls where I discover a big horn having a strong gaze on me. Keeping my distance that small herd quickly disappeared in the cliffs above so I start the journey back where I then again see lizards hanging out on the rocks, rabbits jumping in the fields, burros grazing in the distance and I think “We cannot forget about these easy trails guys, the fillers between the harder hikes, so leash up the pets and get them out of the house, he/she will thank you for it 😉

For directions to this amazing location click this hiking link.


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