Pennsic 2011

As I begin my journey across country to attend my first Pennsic, I am filled with anticipation on what is to come. Three days of driving is the first obstacle, however a layover outside of Denver, CO showed to be a perfect resting point. resting at altitudes of over 10,000 feet, being greeted by the neighborhood fox, watching the sun set over the continental divide make for a great start to spending time away from home.

I took more pictures while on the road than what I did actually at Pennsic, however the adventures that was encountered at Pennsic was a life changing experience. Meeting many people who I was able to connect with made it that much more enjoyable. This was my first year at Pennsic and this event has been going on for 40 years now, I was welcomed my many camps and had the support of several new faces to ensure an epic time. I got asked several times by several different people on spinning fire, my introvert self chickened out most of the time, but I did spin on the last night with a friend made at camp. He was actually auctioned off at the slave market for fire spinning, and he asked if I could help with his performance. I am sure there is footage out there somewhere of it … if I find it I will post the findings. But I was the only flaming nun-chuck spinning … My friend was spinning poi, and giving him great reviews watching him grow in his art within the short time of me knowing him.

Living in period of the renaissance (minus the construction of the hex-a-yurt) gave great insight at how much us humans have tortured our bodies, and as a healer coming to you and making the quality of life much more endurable during these battling times brings much gratitude in showing how body work can change the outcome of some of those battles.


2 thoughts on “Pennsic 2011

  1. It was great to see you at Pennsic this year Carl. So glad you and Shawn were able to make it out. Pleased to hear you had a good experience at what many of us kindly refer to as Home. Hope to see you there again next year.


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