Zara’s first swim

Hiking in Red Rock conservation area is a great place to take your four-legged friend and enjoy the ecology of the desert and it meets the Spring Mountains. Today I take my dog Zara hiking along first creek trail, which is an easy one and a half miles to a seasonal waterfall. There has been rain in the mountains recently and the chance that there will be water flowing is good. Keeping Zara on the leash is annoying her but it is for her protection, as you have seen in previous post from this trail and area you have seen the wildlife that lives here. I would hate to see what a burro, or a bighorn would do to our curious friends so the leash is mandatory in my eyes. However once we arrive at what is the seasonal waterfall we find that the water is not flowing, but the pool at the bottom is still full. Being in a tight canyon with heavy brush behind and the pool in front, Zara had to come off the leash and jump into the water to  cool off from the heat of the desert.

Photo by Carl Moore

I got some video of her jumping in but that will take me some time to edit. I will add to this post in the future once I get that project done.


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