Lunar Eclipse

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This past weekend we experienced a lunar eclipse, in the early morning hours of the mohave desert, I experienced a very cold but beautiful view of the moon while passing into the shadow of earth. Seeing waves of red roll across the moon was an intriguing site. I have created a collage of photos while the moon was passing into one phase from the next.

Photo by Carl Moore

Now they are not national geographic quality but I think pretty good with my little cheap camera.

The last eclipse of 2011 is a total lunar eclipse that takes place at the Moon’s descending node in eastern Taurus, four days after apogee. The next total lunar eclipse is not expected to happen till April 15, 2014.


One thought on “Lunar Eclipse

  1. Hey thanks for the pictures! A few of us were here in Pismo Beach watching the eclipse but none of us had a camera that zoomed out that far! It was a very exciting thing to watch. Who knows maybe by the next one I will have that camera!

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