Mutant Vehicle or Art Car

One awesome thing about Black Rock City is the modes of transportation used here. Bicycles are the widespread as use of transportation, being that automobiles are not allowed. So the citizens of this city create mutant vehicles and art cars.

An art car is a car that has been transformed into some type of art. A mutant vehicle on the other hand is a vehicle that was built from the ground up.

My bike had LED lights all over it, lighting my path and illuminating myself to where others can see me, however the gears got stripped out after being on the playa for a couple of days. At first I found this to be very annoying, but walking between points I found it to be very refreshing. At the slower pace I was able to stop and appreciate the art more, also being more social. While riding my bike I never really talk to anyone, it is always get to where I was going. Walking encouraged more social activity with the population, which I found to be quite nice.

With the thousands of art cars, mutant vehicles, and other mutant devices that this community builds i was only able to capture a small amount on film. I do have plans for a mutant vehicle, I just hope I will be able to finish in time before next years Burningman event.


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