Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point

On the south rim of the Grand Canyon, Az the temperatures in November drop into the low 20’s, having a blanket or three nearby when ready to sleep is a great idea when deciding to go camping in such cold weather conditions. Arriving a couple of hours later than planned, the sunset hike to Hopi point was postponed until the next venture to the grand canyon comes. Exploring the city at night was an adventure within itself, the elk grazing on the lawns of the lodges, some of the largest elk I have seen, it was an impressive sight. I was just wishing it was daylight so I could take a picture of this beauty. It was  a great way to end the day and set up camp.

Waking up before sun rise has never been an easy feat for me, but when the temperatures are as low as they are, it really seems to get the blood flowing. Rushing to the El Tovar to eat breakfast, the southwestern quesadilla is what I recommend. Being that I have worked at this restaurant in 1998 doing pretty much every position available in that kitchen, I was the all around trained individual. Coming back in 2003 to work in front of the house at a servers position. And I love all the dishes that this restaurant serves, but the southwest quesadilla is my favorite.

The belly is full and the sun is rising over the Grand Canyon, I grab the camera to only take four pictures showing the cloud layer in the canyon, then the camera dies, no worries though I have a back-up which is my camcorder that also takes stills. I power the camcorder on and the battery light is flashing at me. So we only get a few still photos in this epic journey.

In canyon hiking the easy part comes first, down the canyon walls to Indian Springs, a perfect spot to open up that sacked lunch (on the way back). With just a little over a mile to Plateau Point you have to take this trail just to get the views from the center of the canyon, looking up at the mountain you just came down, and looking down at the river, toward Phantom Ranch, it seems to be equal distance. With only the day to spend in this epic landscape the journey back up the mountain is a must, here is where the rest at Indian Gardens.

As I see mule deer eating up the grass growing behind this sign I miss my camera…<sigh>



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