Havasu Fall’s

A journey into a different land, Havasu Fall’s is a ten mile hike into the Grand Canyon. Coming from southern Nevada it is only about a 3.5 hour drive to the trailhead. Kingman, Az is the last true services, so stock up on gas and supplies before going the next 75 miles to the trailhead. Traveling east from Kingman you will go through a town called Peach Springs, Az where you can find some accommodations like lodging. Heading north on County Road 18 you have 60 miles to the rim of the Grand Canyon, where Havasu Falls Trailhead begins.

As you leave your vehicle on the rim of the canyon, you begin descending down the steep canyon walls to the valley floor. Havasupai village is eight miles in where lodging and food can be found. The campground is two more miles past the village, after hiking through town you come across Navajo Falls as a teaser just before you get to Havasu Falls. If you are feeling adventurous, continue past the campground to Mooney Falls. This area is one of many  prized jewels found in the Grand Canyon.


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