A trip into North California

Driving west from Las Vegas, NV to Fort Bragg, CA was a nice transition from the desert into the green redwood forest that resides in North California. Seeing the dust turn into orchards of fruit and nut bearing trees, rolling hills filled with vines of grapes, into a coastline that is filled with trees swaying well over 100 feet above you. I reach the bay area ten hours into the drive and camp deeply nestled into the redwood forest just outside of Bodega Bay. The weather in late September and early October is a perfect time to visit this area, beautiful clear sunny days! The air in the redwoods smells so crisp and clean it’s as if you are smelling the essence of time.

Sunrise in the RedWoods

Sunrise in the RedWoods

Waking up in the slightly chilled coastal air, as I stretch my legs and take a deep breath I notice in front of me several deer grazing about, they are taking notice of my presence but not paying me much attention at all. I only wish I could wake up to this type of wildlife and beauty every morning, which is all part of the dream. There was moments in this day that I was laying on the hood of the car gazing on the tree tops watching them sway in the wind, hearing the deer rustle in the leaves as they move around me, moments of serenity that just don’t happen in most everyday life.

In exploring the coast while in Fort Bragg, Glass Beach was my first destination. Where there is this small area along the coast where the beach is covered in glass stone, pebbles of many colors, smoothed by the pounding of the ocean. This was once a dump site many years ago, now cleaned and restored the glass is the only remnants that remain.


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