Arch Park

First week in Gardiner, Montana

Arriving in ankle deep snow around 3 am January 1, 2014 A long drive from the desert of southern Nevada.

My first morning  the dog is anxious to go outside and explore the new snowy winter land in which we just landed. Seeing deer in the front yard Zara seems curious but remains her distance. After the deer scurry past Zara playfully jumps around in the snow, I throw snowballs, where she catches and it explodes in her mouth. I do think she likes this thing we call snow.

Walking around Arch Park we catch a glimpse of pronghorn and a Bighorn way off in the distance. I failed on bringing my camera on this excursion, but this is my first run about so do be prepared for some photographs in the future.

Day two walking into Yellowstone National Park I see three bison grazing in the distance. Zara keeps trying to follow her nose and follow other animal paths through the snow. With me staying on the trail the leash will only let her get about 15 feet before she realizes I am not going to follow her nose. Rumors of elk was spotted ahead so I proceed about a mile down the path, before turning around, not seeing any elk.

Day three walking down to Arch Park the school’s football field is wrestling with elk. It is obvious the Bruins are loosing this one. But the locals don’t mind.

Day four there is a coyote creeping around Arch Park. At first seeming to be curious in Zara playing in the snow. After a few minutes of stalking us the coyote realizes this is no morning meal that she would like to partake in so wanders off in search for easier game.

As the New Year gently unfolds, I find myself feeling sublime, despite the fact that I am not yet able to add more hours to the day, nor stretch my capacity to accomplish all that I intend or desire to do. Yet, I trust all is as it should be. Each moment I am living, creating, blessing and opening up in ways that feel lovely.

As we continue to walk the path of beauty, day by day, may we be kind, patient and honoring of our self. As the evening falls around us each night, may we pull close to us our dreams, our loves, our frailties and hold them in hope.


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