Is the Grass Greener?

The grass always looks greener on the other side.

Looking Glass

Looking Glass

We always look on the other side of where we are and think that life would be so much better if we could just get to the other side of where we are. We don’t stop to think of what dangers lie ahead, or the treacherous road we have to cross to get there, we only want to be there. Curiosity is what drives our motivation. We seek to discover new path’s, new adventures.

We discover that this road is a harsh and lonely road. We reach inside ourselves and find the courage to push forward. We may slip, we may fall, but we will not go back, even though we know we have safety if we do. We lift our chin, place our hands on a knee and push ourselves back up. Because we have seen what could lie ahead.

Once we reach the other side, we realize the grass is not so green. The dangers, they bite and kick and push you down. We think we haven’t prepared ourselves adequately enough.

But we stand up boldly, stare at our obstacles, look at our bruises, our scratches, our tears, and the  journey, and think this is not what we was wanting. “Where is the green grass?” we ask ourselves.

Then we realize that it is the journey itself that builds the character that you want to be. There are many slips and falls.  But without those scraps and bruises you cannot get to green grass.

As we push forward, the grass is getting greener. It was a long trip along treacherous paths. We look back and say to ourselves “Was it worth it?” All the pain and agony it took to get here. And realize that we are still traveling and say “YES”!



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