Winter in North Yellowstone

My experience began January 1, 2014 driving from Las Vegas, NV to Gardiner, MT. A 14 hour drive that turned into a 21 hour drive. Just after passing Salt Lake City, UT we hit snow, slowing our driving pace then a few miles later it clears up only to begin driving in a blizzard from Butte, MT to Gardiner, MT. With the anticipation on arriving before midnight, the snow slowed our pace to where we arrived at 3 am New Years Day 2014. When the sun shows itself for the first time this year, I awake to find myself in a winter wonderland. A place where the eagles soar and the bison roam, there are no boundaries here.

The opportunity to view wildlife is one of the main reasons people venture into Yellowstone’s backcountry. Watching an animal act and react in its natural surroundings, away from the crowds, can be a very satisfying experience. Bison, Elk and Pronghorns are a few of the animals that I experienced. Finding all their own food, protecting themselves from predators, raising their young, and surviving these long cold winters are all part of these animals life here.


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