A Birds eye view

The month of June 2014 was a month basically dedicated to birds. As I return to Gardiner, Montana from the east, I hike the Yellowstone River Trail that supposedly goes all the way through Livingston into Bozeman. I can not confirm that length of the Trail, I can only talk about the first five miles outside of Yellowstone National Park. While some of the larger animals like the bison and pronghorns are scarce in this area during this time of year, if you look closer though you see a swarm of wildlife hiding in the shadows of normal vision. The variety of birds that accompany me while hiking along this river is astounding. We will start with the American Robin, seen across the country, however, everyone that I have seen has a different personality about themselves. The Common Raven, I can hear their “caw” just thinking the name. The Northern Flicker is the first woodpecker I have caught on film, very proud to have gotten to see one, santa did not bring me my telescopic lens last year though, so no award-winning shots there. Red-winged Blackbird. A bird that I noticed along the coast of California a couple of months ago, driving across the country I noticed this bird was everywhere. As a springs feeds into the Yellowstone River I find a spot where this Red-winged Blackbird would let me actually take a few photos of. Western Tanager, this beautiful Yellow and black bird has a red topping on the crown of his head. Those are just some of my favorite birds that I found along this trail during the month of June, there are many more. (I may actually title an animal incorrectly, please let me know if you think that may be the case. Because I am not always 100% sure on naming )While there are many other animals like the Yellow-bellied Marmot, Mule Deer, pronghorns, and many other wild creatures that live along this trail. The birds gave me an overwhelming response of wanting to have some pictures taken. Oh and the Tree Swallow is my all time favorite photo of any bird. Please share your thoughts.



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