Pennsic War 43

Pennsic 1

This is my 5th year attending this SCA (Society of Cultural Aneurisms) event. providing massage therapy to those in need during these two weeks of stressing our bodies.

Pennsic 7While sleeping in tents, we transform back to a time where manual labor and beating our bodies up is an everyday existence. Warriors dressed in heavy armor, marching on the battlefields, while the wenches prepare a flame broiled meal fit for a king. And let us not forget about all the minions and peddlers that come together and make this place function into a kingdom.

Pennsic 10 And when the sun goes down the drummers come out, filling the moist air with beats of rhythm that echo deep into your soul. Belly dancers circling the fire, show an impressive display of hip mobility. Fog lifting from the lake, we use candles, fire and moonlight to light our way, being careful of the gnomes that can be found roaming these roads.

I started coming to this event to share my talents of massage therapy, yet over the years it has transformed into a family like relationship with this community. The laughs, smiles, and hugs will echo in my memories for years to come.


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