While in route to Black Rock City, NV I end up in Winnemucca, seeing a path, 100 miles of unpaved road to Gerlach, NV. Navigator gives me an approximate 300 miles of paved route…I choose to take the unbeaten path and see what nature will give me on this beautiful route.

I was hoping to see some coyotes and after hours of slow driving, I only capture glimpses of rabbits fleeing the scene as I approach. As I near Gerlach, I can see Black Rock City on my right starting to take shape and this unpaved road is coming to an end I see something ahead. Not wanting to scare this wild animal off I creep slowly, stopping alternately capturing photos. At first I thought this was some type of rodent, then an armadillo came to mind. As I get closer I see cat-like features so I am now clueless on what type of animal is in front of me. With many mis-assumptions I realize that this is a badger as the calmness of his attitude while he starts to approach me. This is a rare sight and an animal that I would never would have guessed on seeing in the high Black Rock Desert. I feel truly blessed. Starting Burning Man off in an epic way.


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