BurningMan 2014


The year of 2014 Black Rock City, Nevada anticipating population of 68,000 I am not sure what the final tally of population is. All leaving a trail of dust as they enter into the city. A city where marketing and vending does not exist. Taking away our wallets, we are given this unique power of individuality. People connect with ease sharing their gifts and talents. As this years theme “Caravansary”, the freedom of expression is in full swing and this community is overflowing with expression and emotion.

As we construct this unique city and build this man of wood we put our bodies through some difficult challenges. In one of the most extreme places on earth, Building a city with an expected population of 68,000 in a week is a collective intention of living in a free world, the extreme levels we will put ourselves through, in order to obtain our satisfaction of freedom can come at a grueling price yet we embrace this idea. Massage therapy can make a huge difference in your experience, and stamina in these physically demanding times.

Here at Center Camp is where I share my gift of Massage Therapy, they know me as Bullseye here, not only because I am a Taurus but because I tend to zero in on targeted areas. The above pictures is center camp the day I arrived August 18,2014 on the left and center camp at sunrise August 31,2014 the day before I left Black Rock City. And the center picture is just one of the many art installations at center camp, it was just the one that seemed to have captured the most emotion with me. In building this structure comes bruises, pulled muscles, aches and pain. Helping your body heal itself faster with massage therapy is the best medicine anyone could ask for.

White out

White out

White outs are fairly common here. They can sometimes come with powerful gust of winds that can take down any un-anchored structure. Over a dry lake bed there is no wind obstruction and winds here have been known to take down anchored structures, the wind does not play here. The winds that came through here actually took out two of our shade structures in camp. As this is a leave no trace event, the wind will try to misplace all of your belongings.

Every year Black Rock City presents new challenges so don’t do stupid sh*t.




2 thoughts on “BurningMan 2014

  1. That project isn’t the observatory in your last shot. That’s the mosque filled with handmade books. I don’t know the name.
    The observatory was in a few small buildings designed by the man who designed the Otic Oasis.

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