In going into 2015 I find myself going from self-employed to unemployed practically overnight, having many sleepless nights I have turned to my photography hobby. Creating a new website that has been absorbing most of my time. In hopes that my photography will touch one of you and bring the natural healing nature of the outdoors into your home by canvas, print, phone cases, throw pillows, even acrylic and metal can be used as a medium. Starting the website with my 2014 Collection in 3 different Galleries, a Wildlife Gallery, Landscape Gallery, and a Birds Gallery. The galleries are still growing, and In the process of building a 2015 Collection that will be just as diverse. The images are marked at sale prices until the image reaches one year old, then the print prices do go to standard rate, so act quickly on your favorite photos. Word of mouth has always been one the strongest forms of advertising so I ask please, that you share your favorite photos, comment on any of photos, my goal is to expand my work into this never sleeping world and bring the beauty of that into your home. Click here to view my 2014 Collection


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