The artist website is up and running, with a lifetime of tweaks still to be worked out. I appreciate everyone that follows my photographic adventures capturing the wildlife (or lack thereof), with the curiosity of what will come next.

Filling that wall space with a canvas, print or even metal images has never been easier. Bring that perfect natural healing feel of nature in your home or office. The “images” page is in timeline order with the newest picture being the first picture. The “Galleries” page is where the images are somewhat organized into groups. The “shop” pages are generally organized with the oldest picture first. I invite you to stop by and browse my images, customize and personalize some greeting cards that would be perfect for any occasion, buy a tote bags and help the environment, saving plastic bag usage, and they look amazing. Sport your iPhone or Galaxy phone with cases customized to fit your phone, making it easy to carry nature with you everywhere you go. My throw pillows and duvet covers is mostly my floral images (I am still working on removing the images that make no sense on pillow or cover. I mean who wants an insect with a thousand legs on their bed?)  There will still be animals in these collections though. Please comment and share your favorite images as so I don’t take that photo from the collection, because not every image will survive. But most importantly, bring that treasured animal into your life. Wildlife and nature is healing.

Visit My Massage Website  to see if I am available for massage bodywork in your area.



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