Political Thinking

Central America is where I was raised. I spent my childhood in the conservative Bible belt of the South, venturing out to explore all of  the lower 48 States over my adult years. During my journeys I learn many things about the different cultures within central America and know that “the banks” own everything yet this is a country divided. Divided between the Republican party and the Democratic party throughout the country. Me personally, I would choose an independent party but if I have to choose between the lesser of two evils, I would choose the Democratic party, simply because I have seen with my own eyes how both parties operate.
Now just for the record I do support Bernie Sanders. I truly feel like he is after the demon that corrupts the system, and trying to earn the title that central America holds as being the “United States of America “.
Now my opinion is that we can never truly be united unless every political seat was occupied by either the left or right and ” feeling the burn ” I am sure our children and grandchildren will also feel the burn, both Republican and Democratic alike, it’s just how this country is made.
OK that was my political thought, I don’t talk politics much but I haven’t posted in a while and I just want all my followers to know I am still here.


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