The Bible

Many people like to the Bible as if it was reality. I have learned over my 40 years on this earth that this is a book of mythology. I have come to discover that when you interpret as mythological, it becomes a beautiful book that holds many truths.
To start I would like to ask 2 questions. When was the Bible written? And when was it when we discovered that when you divide on a molecular level, energy or life multiplies? Well for me to answer that question I would say that we learned energy multiplies when the atom was split. I am not sure what year exactly but that happened within the last 200 years (being very generous with that number). Now to answer the second question… I don’t know, I guess I should Google it but a guess would be at least a thousand years ago.
Now in Genesis the rib taken from Adam, life multiplied.
That kind of proves my point of it holding many truths if interpreted differently.
Also in the book of Genesis, the story of Noah and the ark. My interpretation: this is a story of your creation and existence. Noah’s ark is your spinal column. The flood is the cerebral spinal fluid. The animals, let’s pause for a second. How many animals did God command Noah to take? I do recommend you look it up. “By the sevens” is what it says, which in my interpretation is your chakra system.
I hope my interpretations inspire a new outlook on what type of information that this book holds. I feel like it holds information about your DNA (Jacobs latter), countless possibilities when interpreted as mythological instead of reality.


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